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After working for 13 years in Corporate world for firms like Indian Oil, Unilever & PepsiCo, in 2018, I decided to start my own ed-tech venture, Yschool, catering towards the K12 test preparation industry in India. 

New Product Development

Product  Commercialisation

Digital Transformation

Education Technology

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Building YSchool (2018+)

An online K12 test preparation platform for Indian students, that helps them in cracking competition exams such as JEE/NEET.

Comprehensive learning platform for Grade 9 to 12 students.

Yschool is a blended platform (both digital as well as physical centres) that engages with the students preparing for competitive examinations (JEE/NEET) in India. Our hub and spoke model for tier-2/3 cities, powered by our web as well as mobile apps, enable flexibility as well as personalisation for the students.
With our app, students can learn from the expert faculties, take rigorous online tests on the platform (both chapter / course) as well as improve their scores by our detailed analytics engine. (Start ,Stop,Continue recommendations)

  • What inspired me to start Yschool?
    Since 2006, I have been involved in education either by tutoring students pro-bono, or, experimenting with ed-tech platforms (like Moodle, OpenEdx etc.). I was involved in experimenting few e-learning experiments with my friends were running an offline coaching institute, Edusquare in Ludhiana, India. From 2015 to 2018, we discovered many problems faced by students during their competitive examinations, and were ready with the right proposition, that led to the launch of YSchool.  
  • Is technology an answer to the problems in education?
    No. I believe technology can be an enabler + carrier of information as well as a tool to implement an institution's strategy. The real answer lies behind the pedagogy design, the processes ,as well as, the operational delivery of the learning curriculum to the students.
  • What are the technologies used in Yschool?
    We use a mix of tech-stacks for our product development , e.g. Angular, Python, C++, Java, Flutter, WebFlow, WordPress, etc. depending on the application or module under development. However, our recent breakthrough is the implementation of blockchain based reward system in collaboration with Kwegg. Read the article in Yahoo finance, here
  • What is the industry's outlook towards Yschool?
    Our online product has been launched last year before the onset of Covid19 lockdown, and we were well prepared for the digitisation of our partners' offline learning programs through our app, much before the lockdown. We have been covered extensively by media such as Forbes India Yourstory, Yahoo Finance, etc.

Beverage Innovations Journey, PepsiCo

For around 7 years from 2011 to 2018, I worked in R&D/ Innovation, for the world's most renowned F&B brand PepsiCo in India. I was fortunate enough to gain critical comprehensive working experience in both R&D as well as Marketing in technology as well as business roles.

Innovation Portfolio Management

2015-18 : Process Management for Beverage Category Innovations

Stage Gate Process

I was the custodian of the innovation stage gate process for all beverage innovation launches for the India region. This requires working closely with the CEO/ CXOs as well as Category/R&D/SC/Finance/ Legal teams. I led the portfolio for ~ 10 breakthrough innovations in 3 yrs. 

Category Innovation Strategy

It's all about the future-looking product portfolio for the category and the overall alignment w.r.t the corporate 5 to 10 yrs goals. For us, one of the biggest goals was the reduction in sugar and nurturing the healthy bev categories. 

Revenue & Profitability

The end goal of a systematic portfolio management is to ensure a significant %age (>8%) contribution to the overall beverage revenue business for the region. We achieved it consequently for 3 years through all these launches. 

Innovation Beverage Portfolio 

Disruptive Innovation

A very exciting phase in my career was from 2011 to 2015 , in PepsiCo, working for Global Value Innovation Center or GVIC. The core idea was to bring into fruition the concept of "Disruptive Innovation" into practice for Global PepsiCo's Operational ecosystem. At GVIC, we engaged in some BHAG (Big, Hairy, Ambitious Goals) with a potential to disrupt the value-chain for the organisation significantly. I worked at a managerial level for the "On-The Go" , or, Beverage Dispensers Innovation cluster in GVIC. Over a period of 4 years, we launched a range of dispensing equipments for the global market, as well as, an IOT backed solution to increase the efficacy of the beverage sales operations. We were also mentioned in Navi Radjou's book, "Frugal Innovation".

Technology & Design Patents

We received few design and utility patents for our novel technology in dispensers. One of the premise of our technology was the versatility, as well, as overall economic viability. Here is my Justia patent profile

Customer facing innovations

These dispensers / products were designed after extensive consumer and customer insighting through our in-house systematic innovation process. The efficacy of innovation was completely reliant on customer acceptance and not just proving the tech-prowess. 

Early adopters of Internet of Things (IOT) 

One of the projects that I led alone was the implementation of telemetry technology for the dispenser, that allows seem less data exchange from the device to a central network and then to even our devices. 

New Product & Technologies, Unilever (HUL & Global)

From 2008 - 2011, I was leading new Product Development for Home care, as well as development of new differentiated technologies for Fabric Care for both regional and then later global projects.
(Scope :  India, Romania, Philippines, Thailand, UK, Brazil and China)

Differentiated Technology (Fiber Care)

Total Garment Care (Color + Longevity)

For around 2 years, I led the development of new detergent powder technologies in fibre care that will help in color-care, long-lasting perfume, as well as overall longevity of the fabric. With the development of more than 5 successful formulation in partnership with >10 global vendors, we had a strong global formulation chassis that could be deployed across multiple brands. One of the successful launch was for the premium laundry brand, Skip. (video shows an ad for Skip in one of the countries where Fibre Protect was deployed)

New Product launches for Laundry (Home Care)

Surf Excel (DiG), India

I was leading the deployment of technologies for Dirt is Good platform in India that consisted of Surf Excel portfolio, including launch of Surf Excel Blue, liquid and matic variants. 

Skip / Coral, Romania

As a global technical project leader for SKIP brand (catered to extra-premium user segments), I led the product development and commercialisation for 3 global projects. 

Product Commercialisation

For India region (incl India, SriLanka and Bangladesh), I was involved in technology rollouts for both DiG (Surf Excel) and Radian (Rin) category. That included formulation development to leading main plant trials and product qualitification.

Process Enginner,
Advanced Process Controls

After graduating as a Chemical Engineer in 2006, from IIT Roorkee, I worked for 2 years in Process Engineering and Automation for Indian Oil , Vadodara Refinery. I led process monitoring of secondary refinery units (Ether, Butene and Hexane units) as well as led the entire digital transformation and automation for the refinery.

  • RTDBMS : Real time database management system implementation at Vadodara refinery was led by me in partnership with an external global IT partner.
  • DRYA: I also led the Data Reconciliation and Yield Analysis for all production units and generated a software package to monitor real time process data and improve Daily production balance.
  • MULTI VARIABLE PREDICTIVE ADVANCED CONTROLS: Led the initiation, conceptualisation ,as well as, implementation of the multi variable predictive APC systems across multiple units in the refinery. The project was however finished in 2012 and was also part of IOC's Annual Report (click here)

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